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A great way to drive traffic to your social media channels is by creating a list post. A list post is when you recommend several books, websites, video reviews of new products or anything that will be of value for the people in your industry. 

An example of this is creating a list of entrepreneurial books that will help better the lives of those in business or people looking to enhance their knowledge in the field. 

How to Post 

social media how to post

Creating a how-to post for your industry is a great way to get more people to visit your social media pages and website. A how-to post simply explains how to do a certain task be it by creating a picture graphic, video, or creating a step by step process. It is important to make the how-to post by describing the process in the simplest terms so that your audience doesn’t get overwhelmed by the instruction if it is a complicated task. 

As an example of a how-to post would be something like, how to make kids slime at home, or how to make your own birch wood table. Anything that you feel would be of interest to your market or people in general. 

Case Study Post 

Tribus solutions case study

A case study post is something to consider when creating your social media plan. This makes your post most credible and your audience can expect something more than just a funny meme. A case study post subconsciously tells your audience that the post is about something that has been done and proven to work as the results speak for themselves.  

A case study is especially important if you are trying to sell more of your product or service. Let your audience know that your product, service, or idea actually helped the types of clients you are wanting to acquire.

FAQ Post  

FAQ Tribus solutions

If your customers always ask the same questions or know what questions people would ask about your service before they ask it, an FAQ post would be a good one for you. 

If you don’t know which questions a potential customer would ask you can use a website like Quora where people go to ask questions and get answers. This way you know what questions to answer before they ask them. You can also get some great ideas from people asking the same questions and add that to a blog article or social media post. 

This also sets you up as an authority for the topic in which you cover and others will look to your advice and pages as a way to find the answers they were looking for.

Checklist post

digital marketing San Antonio checklist post

If there are parts of your business that are repetitive perhaps it would be a good idea to create a checklist post that could include something fun for the holidays or getting ready for work. Such as coffee? Check. Nice attire? Check.  Hair Brushed? Check.  Good attitude…keys? Check. 

There are great ways for your audience to connect with your business. It is also a great way to show that your business has a fun personality and is not so serious all of the time.

Series Post

social media marketing

When adopting a social media strategy for your business you should also consider doing a series of posts. Anything related to your field that would take up a lot of pages can be made in bite sizes. To make it fun first announce that you will be doing a series of posts for the topic then posts the parts once a day.

This will also work well for email. You can take four emails on a subject and add them to your calendar and send them out one day after each other so that your readers will have something to look forward to

Tips Post

tips ideas page

If you are having trouble getting an idea for a post on social media or your blog, creating a list of tips is one that can provide a lot of value to your audience. You can use your imagination and see how far you want to take it. You can find a way to help others in your industry or clarify things for customers who may have trouble with certain topics. 

Tips such as how to choose a digital marketing agency to work with, or tips on 7 ways to wear a scarf this winter if you are in the retail space, or tips on how to make the best pumpkin pie for thanksgiving anything niche related. 

We would also recommend posting about topics outside of your industry especially if they are trending. This will tell your audience that you are not only in business to make money but you also care about them enough to give valuable tips even if it does not relate to your business.

Inspirational Post

digital marketing inspiring post

Some of the most popular and still the most shared posts are inspirational post by famous titans of industry, religious leaders, and people with large followings. By sending out at least 1-inspirational post a week your social channels will get many eyes on them. But even better your inspiring post may actually help somebody improve their life if they are going through a difficult time. Somethings are better than money. 

Some of the most effective content on the web is neither informational or entertaining—it simply inspires. This kind of post can work well as a Story Post, Profile Post, or Quote Post among others.

Ultimate Guidepost

social media guide post arrows

Creating an ultimate guide can be used to post on social media or be developed as a downloadable pdf for your users to have. This will show your audience that you care so much about them that you are willing to give them free information for them to use and help them in their daily life whether they do business with you or not. 

Creating an ultimate guide is not as easy as posting a funny meme. It will take a little bit of work. You may even want to outsource the project to a professional writer or do it yourself. Whatever you choose the ultimate guide must inform the reader on topics that will help them in their niche. Such as the best marketing practice for your business or the best way to craft a compelling blog article.

Whatever you think of is up to you. Have fun with it and get your content out there as soon as possible.

Winning Post

business growth post

You could also do a post showing your audience and potential customers what you have done recently by highlighting your biggest win. This will not only show that you are good at what you do but you can also turn potential prospects into warm leads for your business as they will know before contacting you that you are a business they can count on. 

This is all for now, we hope you enjoyed our list of 10 tips on what to post for your business.

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