Two years after the beginning of the Covid 19 pandemic, there is one thing that still rings true: the way we conduct business has permanently changed. Clients have gotten used to the idea of ordering online and picking up in-store, or having the items shipped to their homes. Even service-based businesses have benefited from offering online quotes or contact. If you have yet to transition to online business to complement your in-store business, you might be missing out on new potential clients.

While being online is crucial to keep momentum and growth, you don’t need to transition fully. Simple things such as a website for e-commerce and social media presence will keep you modernized and ready to grow your business.

Don’t be intimidated by the word e-commerce. Nowadays, there are several platforms ready to help you open your online store and keep track of inventory, orders, and payments. For example, we like to use WordPress and woo-commerce together to build a completely customized online store that will reflect your brand and values. Other options come in the form of Shopify and Wix, which are very useful and easy to manage. The latter options are perfect for small businesses with tight budgets and intrepid business owners who are ready to take on a new challenge and want to build the store themselves.

Websites and social media are the new business cards. When a potential client, especially one in a younger audience, cannot find you online, they might think that your business isn’t legitimate or still in business at all. Being present online with a social media profile ready to answer potential costumer’s questions and requests, will ensure new clients feel comfortable doing business with you. Once you’ve gained their trust, you can add social media ads to your strategy to reach a wider audience that might have not yet heard of your business.

Your business’s presence online is imperative for growth in this post-pandemic climate, and evolving into a new phase is much simpler than you might think. Having a team of experts could make it even simpler. If you are ready to transition your business, give us a call today.